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Wilmington Trust is one of the top 10 largest American institutions by fiduciary assets. Wilmington Trust is currently a provider of international corporate and institutional services, investment management, and private banking. The firm was founded on July 8, 1903, as a banking, trust, and safe deposit company by DuPont president T. Coleman du Pont. In 2010, it became a subsidiary of M&T Bank.

A former employee said this in a review: "There are no benefits at Wilmington Trust and bad compensations. No flexibility. Company doesn't provide training. Casual environment. Management does not recognize the little guys."


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Former Employee - Assistant Vice President says

"1.Top in attrition rate 2.outdated technology 3.Gender biased and discriminatory 4.poor benefits 5.HR takes no action on any complaints 6.worst change management 7.Replacing experienced staffs with boot campers - if you are desperate for a job go for it, but start search for jobs Day 1. 8.worst management 9.wilmington trust was a good company - after acquired by M and T, it's a foster type situation, all concentration is in bringing buffalo and maryland offices, worst for DE offices"


"Many. No opportunities to grow, micromanagement, no good benefits"


"Very frustrating place to work with lots of disgruntled employees who don’t care much about clients or about doing a good job. Technology is so behind the times it’s a joke, and it makes work slower/harder. I found it to be generally a pretty toxic work environment, and to make matters worse the benefits and salary are below average."


"Complete organization failure. Patients running the asylum. No support for the fro lines and no clear chain of command. Complete inability to support efforts of front line. No team delivery. Everyone out for themselves. Particularly toxic for females at officer level and above."

Former Employee - Administrative Assistant says

"Never recognized or acknowledged for work. The "old boys club" is alive and well Lifers coast on their seniority Bullies, cliques"

Current Employee - Business Analyst says

"Mmm. Where do I start...we'll. everything. I have been working here for about two years. 1) IT, technology never works for many things. 2) salary and benefits, below the average of companies of the same size, 3) management, old management style with all poor policies and micromanagement style."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Difficult environment. Some managers are very hostile. Company does not reward hard work and is not transparent"


"Very poor management style. Very little training or direction. Management via bullying tactics and yelling."

Former Employee - Private Client Advisor says

"Horrible HR policies provided no protection from unscrupulous management."

Senior Infeastructure Engineer Mobility says

"Lack of opportunity for: Women Professional growth Salary growth Management heavy IT management lacked technical skills/knowledge, with a few exceptions Management in general lacked integrity"

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Not a very good place for technical people looking to present ideas and make a difference. Thought the people I worked with were fine and collaborative.Discount on banking servicesManagement was very authoritative, bad work/life balance"

Officer (Former Employee) says

"This job was the worst...The managers weren't even knowledgeable in the subject are of what the managed... they were just merely people that had been trained to manage people.. So you can't even ask your boss a question about your job duties. He culture sucked and was very very elitist. With varying cliques throughout the office.... People got rewarded for going to more parties and chit chatting more than they did for doing a great job.... The work load was huge.... they never want to spend a dime... The technology SUCKED REALLY BAD.... OMG.... and the pay was even worst....nice lunch room- close to buspeople, work atmosphere, tiny cubicles, bureaucracy, poor pay"

Vice President (Current Employee) says

"Mandate from top is all about growth and there is no discernible strategy in practice. So middle management is throwing ideas at the wall to see what sticks, regardless of expertise. Controls and oversight are lacking, and employees are put in positions they are unequipped for and left holding responsibility if things go wrong. Salesmen who bring in deals are given free pass for childish behavior (even when it's an open secret that they are abusive and domineering), but otherwise for any non-revenue generating employee, small criticisms are exaggerated for HR purposes to hold down compensation.Poor oversight means free reign to control workdayPetty office politics rule everything"

Training Specialist III (Current Employee) says

"The culture is toxic. majority of employees are unhappy. best to keep looking rather than settle for employment here. a very unhappy place to be. keep looking."

Relationship Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Pas de formation correcte aux outils et logiciels de travail. L'intégration n'est pas facilitée et différence de traitement en fonction des personnes."

Director (Former Employee) says

"Management, and others directly invloved in production, did not understand the actual work or software being performed. But when vendor decisions had to be made, they were integral in the decision making process to the detriment of the workflow, thus the clients and staff."

Collection Adjuster II (Former Employee) says

"For many years my days were full. We made the best time we could joking around and having fun. Our management was pretty good for the most part. The hardest part of the job was repo'g a customers car and talking to them afterwards. My department always set goals and challenged the big bosses. Most times we won and got nice dinners at nice places. When things went bad it was not a pleasant place to work.good benefits and vacationbank went under"

M&T BANK-TAX ACCOUNTANT (Former Employee) says

"lack of qualified management within the tax department creates a poor and hostile environment in which no one trusts the managers.nonepoor mgmt"

Marketing Manager (Current Employee) says

"Management does not value their employees. Elimate jobs and give more to current employees. Morale is low."

System Administrator (Former Employee) says

"When M&T took over they reverted the company's technology back 20 years. It was a sad time. The CEO let a great 100+ year old bank go to trash. He got his bonus for leaving and hit the road.Good people to work withManagement"

Accounting Associate (Former Employee) says

"Not embracing change to many management layers, They merged with M&T and was very deceptive to employee's. showed no commitment to employee's. i guess it's busisnesseasy commuten/a"

Business Line Corporate Trainer (Current Employee) says

"Good place to work. Executive level are a good group of people. Middle managers have a lot of turnover. The office location in heart of Wilmington is not desirable."

VP (Current Employee) says

"Strong, family-oriented culture with good work-life balance. Generally behind the industry in technology and compensation, but avoids the volatility of market swings and large layoffs."

IT Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I did find the environment somewhat laid back. When it came to responsibility and accountability there was sure lot of office politics which got in the way of doing the job.laid back environmentToo much office politics."

Division Manager (Former Employee) says

"How well you liked WTC Depended on the area of the company in which you worked and its management. I have only good things to say about it overall. The company endeavored to be progressive in its employee and community relations and had the usual amount of growing pains in the processLearning opportunities were almost unlimitedOffice politics and culture deteriorated over the years"

Fixed-Income Analyst (Intern) says

"It seems that people were all very tense. not very encouraging when it comes to unconventional thinking. But hey it's a bank, what do you expect? right?nonetense"

Senior Internal Auditor (Current Employee) says

"The trust business encompasses a multitude of processes, regulatory requirements and oversight."

SERVICE DESK MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"I had worked my way up from working on the service desk and taking calls to managing the service desk. I was responsible for creating and maintaining as well as enforcing the SLA and OLA agreements bewteen the IT department and the business areas. I worked very closely with the chnage manager as well as the other areas of IT such as the server team, networking team and desktop management. The enviroment was locked down to protect the standardized desktop environments so I was able to learn and stay on top of all the latest desktop and network security tools. In the many years I worked for Wilmington trust I was able to do different jobs. One of the jobs I really enjoyed besides the service desk managers job was when I was the senior desktop support technician. I not only mentored the other techs I was the primary technician for all the remote sites world wide. I was able to do a lot of traveling as part off this job to the many locations. I was able to travel to places like Palm Beach Florida, Atlants Georgia, L.A. including locations in Hollywood. I also supported international sites such as London, Dubnlin, Frankfurt and the Cayman Islands. I would be in charge of supporting or managing the techs that supported the desktops as well as all the network connectivity to the sites and all of the mobile computing devices such as Blackberries and any Air Cards in the environment that allowed for mobile computing.be able to help make changes to the it support structure to allow for quick response to issues.being on call for issues that would happen very late or very early in the morning."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Provided customer service to consumer account holders. I learned a lot about how to compute finance charges, and other related credit card and banking fees. Management were for the most part professional and supportive. Co-workers were nice. The changing schedule was the hardest part of the job. Helping people and my co-workers were most enjoyable.professional environment, great trainingschedule and pay"

Banking Officer, Unit Manager (Former Employee) says

"Commercial loan documentation review after the loan was disbursed. Check to ensure all Bank, Federal, and State regulations were followed. I enjoyed my job very much, unfortunately the loan operations group was moved to New York when M & T Bank assumed Wilmington Trust in 2010. Managed a team of 14, wrote employee reviews, and mentored employees for advancement. Enjoyed interacting with the lending and collateral staff."

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